As a responsible homeowner, making your property safe for young trick-or-treaters is essential. 

Everyone wants an accident-free Halloween in the neighborhood, so these few tips will ensure the local kids have a scary and super-fun night.

Clear paths

Tidy up the front yard, removing any garden tools or toys that might be left out.

Light it up

Turn on your exterior lights, especially if you have illuminated the edges of your garden path.


If you plan to decorate your home, it’s a cool idea not to use anything flammable.

Cable danger

If your Halloween installation needs electricity, please remove extension cords and cables from where trick-or-treaters will walk.

Sweet treat 

If you’re in the “treat brigade”, consider giving kids candy in reflective bags. Or offer gifts that are reflective, as these will help drivers see them as they move down your street.


Don’t include nuts or chocolate with nut content in your stash of treats. That makes sense, right?

Check the candy

It does no harm to go through your candy stash to ensure everything is edible. Where wrappers are even slightly opened, discard the candy.

Be blunt

Many folks will use items like swords and wands to help dress the house so it’s super-spooky. Please ensure these items are soft, and there’s no possible way kids could come to any harm from them.

Brief neighbors

If you’re planning a big Halloween party, it’s never a bad idea to let the neighbors know. Or, if you don’t want to be bothered on the night, share that piece of news, too.

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